Growing network of student clubs


The first FEW club was launched in Behram-begova medresa, a high school in the city of Tuzla,

North East Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2016. It soon became very popular among

students and it already had 60 participants over two years.


The Gimnazija "Edhem Mulabdic" in Maglaj joined the FEW Program in November 2017. It

has 25 student members and it is a particularly active Club in the FEW Program. They chose

the name Innovation Generation for their Club, selected Club administrators and students

responsible for different aspects and chose the Club logo.


The Gimnazija "Muhsin Rizvić" in Breza joined the FEW Program in 2018. At the end of January, 30 students were recruited and the first meeting with students was in February. The students chose the name for the Club (Students’ Entrepreneurship) and were introduced with the goals of the Club and the activity Plan.


 The Sredna škola “Ivo Andrić” Višegrad joined the FEW program in 2018.  In addition to planning for the year, a visit is scheduled to the hydroelectric power plant "Višegrad" and to the radio "Višegrad."


The FEW club was launched in 2018. Among the plans are discussions about "How to start at a younger age? Examples of teenagers' business ideas that have grown into successful jobs" and a visit to a local charitable association that helps people in distress.

Velika Kladuša

The recently joined Druga srednja škola Velika Kladuša already reported that local business entities (producers, traders, caterers, etc.) are interested in cooperating with the school in supporting the club.