Éva András (right) with students  (Székely Forerunner 2019)

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Supporting minority cultures and talent development from small nations, overseas 

Our past recipients showcase their talents

Royal visitor

Charles, Prince of Wales visited one of our Szekely Forerunner Fellowship recipients in Vargyas, Transylvania.

Continuing the great tradition

The  Sütő family has been the undisputed master of painted furniture since 1568.

Szekely success

Sütő István (3rd left) was the recipient of the Szekely Forerunner Fellowship in 2009.



"Young Entrepreneurs" Secondary high schools ready to create positive stories

Leadership and entrepreneurship

 The Future Entrepreneurs of the World (FEW- BiH) high school student club and extracurricular activity initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Catalyzing student success in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 The FEW-BiH is an extracurricular student activity organization to inspire innovative entrepreneurship, offer leadership learning opportunities, develop ethical business skills, stimulate local economic development, and connect great traditions with a prosperous and generous future. 

Group of high school student clubs

 With the leadership of a teacher mentor, FEW-BiH student clubs are already successfully working in high schools of Tuzla, Maglaj and Breza. Recently, six more high schools joined.

Forerunner Federation grant support

 The Forerunner Federation was proud to initiate and continues its financial support of the Future Entrepreneurs of the World (FEW- BiH) program. 

Further high schools are invited to join!

Participation of further high schools is invited. Interested schools should contact  Amila Hasanspahic FEW-BiH Program Coordinator for the Balkans at the address of the Forerunner Federation. 

Growing network of student clubs




The first FEW club was launched in Behram-begova medresa, a high school in the city of Tuzla,

North East Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2016. It soon became very popular among

students and it already had 60 participants over two years.




The Gimnazija "Edhem Mulabdic" in Maglaj joined the FEW Program in November 2017. It

has 25 student members and it is a particularly active Club in the FEW Program. They chose

the name Innovation Generation for their Club, selected Club administrators and students

responsible for different aspects and chose the Club logo.




The Gimnazija "Muhsin Rizvić" in Breza joined the FEW Program in 2018. At the end of January, 30 students were recruited and the first meeting with students was in February. The students chose the name for the Club (Students’ Entrepreneurship) and were introduced with the goals of the Club and the activity Plan.


Velika Kladuša


 The Sredna škola “Ivo Andrić” Višegrad joined the FEW program in 2018.  In addition to planning for the year, a visit is scheduled to the hydroelectric power plant "Višegrad" and to the radio "Višegrad."


Velika Kladuša

Velika Kladuša

The FEW club was launched in 2018. Among the plans are discussions about "How to start at a younger age? Examples of teenagers' business ideas that have grown into successful jobs" and a visit to a local charitable association that helps people in distress.

Velika Kladuša

Velika Kladuša

Velika Kladuša

The recently joined Druga srednja škola Velika Kladuša already reported that local business entities (producers, traders, caterers, etc.) are interested in cooperating with the school in supporting the club.

Szekely Forerunner Fellowship

Application Process

Application Process

Application Process


The “Szekely Forerunner Research Fellowship”program supports talented people from the Székelyland and also from the broader Transylvania region to pursue art and science studies at a university or postgraduate training at a research institution of their choice. Applicants admitted as a full-time degree seeking university students or mentored at an institution of scholarly research are eligible. 

In case of sufficient number of qualifying candidates, the Foundation plans to award 6-8 Székely Forerunner Fellowships this year.

Talent development

Application Process

Application Process


The total amount of Székely Forerunner Fellowship grant per recipient is up to $1000  US dollars. 

Deadline for application was May 15, 2018 at midnight. The application must be submitted via email in PDF format and not exceeding 10 Mbytes.  Submitting email address: ffapplications@gmail.com. All submissions received will receive feedback within 48 hours. 

The application form and the application submission guide can be downloaded from the Fellowship 2018 web page of this site.

About Us

How We're Helping

How We're Helping

How We're Helping

 The mission of the Forerunner Federation is to defend, support and celebrate small nations and minority cultures worldwide. 

Our initiatives are focused on (i) leadership development, (ii) minority serving universities, (iii) learning science locally and (iv) support for influential arts that continue traditions. 

We believe in the fundamental rights of communities of people to live their chosen way of life and prosper in the emerging knowledge society. Success of humanity depends on cultural diversity and respect for minority traditions. 


Our Foundation

How We're Helping

How We're Helping

The Forerunner Federation USA is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-governmental organization that has members, volunteers and supporters worldwide. Donations are tax deductible as defined by IRS regulations. 

Our current focus is on the small nations and minorities of the Balkans.


Thank You!

How We're Helping

Thank You!

Numerous foundations put local dollars work locally. In contrast, the Forerunner Federation spends local donations to serve people in remote cultures and overseas. 

People of the Forerunner Federation thank your global appreciation of diversity and your generosity in supporting minorities worldwide. 

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