Szekely Forerunner Fellowships Awarded

The Forerunner Federation is pleased to announce the latest recipients of the Szekely Forerunner Fellowship Awards. A total of 36 applications arrived to the competition. In addition to presenting compelling research proposals, applicants, natives of the Szekelyland, were required to maintain physical address in Transylvania.

Sudies ranging from chemical engineering to church history, from information sciences to folklore were among the winners. Ultumately, 8 talented students received $1000 fellowships in 2013: Sütő Gábor, Czikó Melinda, Páll Emőke (pictured), Sándor Hunor, Szilágyi Botond, Sebestyén Tihamér, Bakk-Miklósi Kinga, Nemes István. Additional 5 applicants received letter of commendation for meritorious application.

The mission of the Forerunner Federation is to protect minority cultures, support minority serving education, particularly higher education, and advance minority leadership in the knowledge based society.


Directory of Minority Serving Schools in the Balkans

Directory of Minority Serving Education 2012.pdf

The Forerunner Federation is pleased to release the first comprehensive directory of minority serving and religious high schools and universities in the Balkans. The directory contains the list of 268 minority serving educational institutions in the countries of the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia).

In the development of this directory, the following criteria were applied to identify minorities and minority serving educational institutions: 1. Minorities (small nations) a. ethnic or religious groups, based on cultural self-identification, b. less than 2 million people in the group living in the Balkans. 2. Minority serving high schools and universities a. preferentially serve students coming from the minority (>25%) b. leadership and faculty preferentially come from the minority (>25%) c. education is provided mostly in the native language of the minority d. provide general education, including humanities, social and natural sciences e. teach history and traditions of the minority

Please send your corrections and suggestions for improvement to the Forerunner Federation.


Social Media and Future of Leadership


As part of our Minority Success in the Knowledge Society series, we had a very successful conference titled “Social Media and Future of Leadership” at the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal was to bring academic and business leaders of nations in the Western Balkans together for the study of the latest trends in digital social networking and for the exploration of opportunities advancing public participation, regional economic development and globally inclusive, well‐connected leadership. The conference was a premier opportunity for participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia to keep up in the information society. The resulting recommendations and conference papers will be published in the Acta Universitatis Sapientiae - Social Analysis, Romania.

On the photo from left to right: Vlatko Rosić, director of the St. Francis Catholic School from Tuzla, Sead Seljubac associate director, Vahid Fazlović director of Behram‐begova medresa from Tuzla, Nadja Avdibašić Vukadinović Cantonal Minister of Education and Enver Halilović, Rector of the Tuzla University


Research Fellow Publishes Ethnographic Book

We are pleased to congratulate István Sütő, 2009 Research Fellowship recipient of the Székely Scholarship Fund, Forerunner Federation. Results of his research are published in an ethnographic book-album on the history of painted furniture. For purchase please visit The attached picture shows our Research Fellow with his wife standing. Prof. Louise Thai (Columbia, Missouri), Forerunner Federation visiting reviewer is sitting between them.



Road Safety for All, Young Drivers

Nejra Tatar (Sarajevo), Research Fellowship recipient of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Scholarship Fund writes:

At first I want to salute you and say thank you for everything you have done for me. There are not a lot of foundations which support projects students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you give us hope that we can participate on competitions like this one. I would like to continue with projects like this so I could save young people lives. You gave me a hope that I can do it and be successful in that.

Her fellowship project is titled “Road Safety for All, Young Drivers.” The ultimate goal is to increase young people's awareness and save human lives on the roads. Funding was provided through the generous support and in partnership with the Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS)


My son is so smart. He could be the best among unversity professors.

There are thousands of scientific talents from minority nations who have little or no chance to succeed. Their families are poor, their region has no university and minorities are last-to-hire and first-to-fire. They do not want to abandon their culture and beloved community so they wait and hope that someday, someone will come along and recognize their potential.
You could be that someone. It costs as little as $25/months for a year to change a life, to support a minority culture, and to give someone a fair start on the road to great discoveries.