Our mission is rooted in the fundamental rights of communities of people to live their chosen way of life and prosper in the emerging knowledge society. The Federation is founded on the belief that success of humanity depends on cultural diversity and respect for minority traditions.

The mission of the Forerunner Federation is to defend, support and celebrate small nations and minority cultures worldwide. Our initiatives are focused on (i) leadership development, (ii) minority serving universities, (iii) learning science locally and (iv) support for influential arts that continue traditions.

Notice to Our Sponsors

Numerous foundations put local dollars work locally. In contrast, the Forerunner Federation spends local donations to serve people in remote cultures and overseas. People of the Forerunner Federation thank your global appreciation of diversity and your generosity in supporting minorities worldwide.



The Forerunner Federation USA is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-governmental organization that has members, volunteers and supporters worldwide. Donations are tax deductible as defined by IRS regulations.


Forerunner Federation USA

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